A family owned and operated business providing you professional timely work.

We provide services in local lawn care, property management services, consulting services for management and environmental issues, and the internet.

Our Lawn Care and Property Management;

we provide free estimates, flexible work, and payment schedules, to help you with your lawn care and property needs.

On the internet;

we can provide or help you with security, hosting and web page services.

We can provide private tutoring for basic HTML and web page construction, web site development, information in relation to using the internet and security issues.

We presently host; providing Custom Made Bingo Bags, Bingo Bags with class! Go in style with Vans’ Bingo Bags.  lawn mowing services in  Fairfax, Georgia, Milton, and Westford Vermont.

Calamity & Crowe’s Trading Post From stage & event tapestries, to bulk tie  dye t-shirts

Advisory Consulting;

in business management, and environmental issues at home and in business. Forty plus years experience in management and service operations.

Web Master